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Upgrade your website with a clear marketing message and sales-driven content

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Is Your Website Built to Sell?

Have you been frustrated by your website’s poor performance?

– Unsure of how to rewrite your website?
– Tried to do it yourself, but it didn’t work?
– Talked to agencies that are confusing or expensive?
– Don’t trust freelancers to pull it off well?

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Upgrade your website and grow your business online

Communicate clearly and create a buzz

Give people the clarity they need to understand how you can solve their problems and even talk about you.

Convert more leads into loyal customers

Make it easier for people to buy from you with a clear content structure. They will thank you and stick with you.

Increase your sales and grow your business

Work with our expert to set a strategy that works and let your website make you money.

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Get a website that works in 3 simple steps

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Beat your competitors, get more leads and watch your revenue increase.

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Meet your guide

“I will guide you through this Accelerator Program and ensure you’ll master your marketing plan and experience business growth again.”

– Martial Ganière, marketing coach

16+ years as entrepreneur and creative director

Helped 50+ entrepreneurs on 5 continents

Built an ever-growing entrepreneur community in 2014

As creative director of my own digital agency, and more recently as a startup mentor and community builder, I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs bootstrap their next venture or simply revamp their marketing. They all had the same need or goal – get more clients – but most of them were facing these two challenges:

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  • They struggled to communicate clearly what they do or why customers need their products and services.
  • They lacked a proven marketing plan to get prospects and turn them into happy customers

With my 18+ years of experience as a freelancer turned entrepreneur turned mentor, I’m on a mission to help entrepreneurs take off with their business. I’ve been asked many times ‘how to find clients?’ As an answer to this question I’ve developed this Marketing Accelerator Program, using proven marketing frameworks and inspired by startup and leadership materials.

My name is Martial Ganière. I love inspiring and empowering people to develop their ideas into successful businesses. Let’s embark on this journey together and discover a new, exciting way to communicate and grow your business!

Yours sincerely,

– CEO and co-founder of Spiced (Entrepreneur community, Vietnam)
– Co-founder of Platform5 (Digital Studio, Switzerland)

Marketing can be complicated and intimidating. We’re taking the guesswork out of marketing so you can focus 100% on growing your business.

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Let’s work together to rehaul your marketing content and strategy. From a simple clear message people can understand to automated email campaigns, you’ll be set for growth.

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A clear marketing message to use on all your marketing collateral

An elevator pitch that will make people interested in what you do

A tailored website structure optimized for sales and lead generation

A sales funnel with lead generator and email campaigns

Most entrepreneurs struggle with promoting their businesses and getting clients. Spiced helps them clarify their marketing message and implement a simple marketing plan so their businesses start growing again.

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People don’t buy the best products or services. They buy the ones they understand the fastest.

You can spend a lot of money on ads or on a beautiful website but if what you’re selling or the value you bring to your customers are not clear to them, it will be a total waste of money and your business will not grow.

Learn how to clarify your message and invite your customers into your story, by understanding theirs. This Marketing Accelerator Program will forever transform the way you talk about who you are, what you do, and the unique value you bring to your customers.

Your audience will forget you if you don’t remind them you exist.

Does your business have a proven, repeatable plan for capturing leads and then converting those leads into customers? If you don’t, you’re leaving a ton of money on the table.

With this Marketing Accelerator Program, you’ll learn how to create a sales funnel that brings in a steady stream of revenue for your business.

The days of wasting money on ineffective marketing are over. Apply to the Program and finally feel confident about your marketing.

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Frequently asked questions
Who is this program for?

This Marketing Accelerator Program is for entrepreneurs, small business owners and freelancers who have an existing business. If you are frustrated with your marketing efforts and willing to dedicate a few hours per week to learn and implement a simple marketing plan, this is for you!

How do I know this is right for me?

We’ll go through the Program in detail and answer all questions you may have on a first (FREE) video call. We want to make sure you’ll be able to implement the full program before we start.

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Every website is

Simple yet powerful

Beautiful design

Feel proud of your brand new website

Compelling content

Get content that sells thanks to our storytelling framework

SEO friendly

Get noticed on Google and increase your reach

Blazing fast

Impress visitors with fast loading speeds

Optmized for mobile

Works great on mobile devices, looks great in any sizes

Easy to edit

Make changes yourself anytime. No coding, no headaches.

5 things your website should have

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