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Covid-19 preventive and safety measures

We're open again to to non-members from Monday May 18, with safety measures in place.

The safety and health of our members and our staff matter the most to us. As this pandemic is not totally over yet, we’re encouraging our members to respect and apply the following measures.

Our safety and access policy

  • Day pass only available with booking (subject to availability)
  • Mandatory registration upon entry for non-members and guests
  • Members must provide a valid residential address and contact information 
  • No payment in cash (credit card or bank transfer only)
  • No community lunch until further notice
  • No access to the kitchen
  • No shoes allowed in the building

Safety measures we apply as community

  • Disinfect or wash hands frequently (upon entering the building, before touching door knobs, before using the coffee machine,…)
  • Wearing a mask is highly recommended when moving around the venue or talking to others
  • Be considerate and respectful of people’s choice of self-distancing
  • Sneeze in your elbow or tissue and throw it right away
  • Stay home if you’re feeling sick (coughing, sneezing excessively, fever, headache…)
  • Don’t move chairs and tables