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COVID-19 - Preventive Measures

The safety, security and good health of our members is of the utmost importance to us.

In light of the continually evolving COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation, 

We want to ensure you’re informed so you can come at Spiced with peace of mind.

As a community, we’ve taken the following steps within our space to make a positive impact, and strongly encourage every single one of us to do the same and act responsibly:

  • We greet people with a smile instead of hand shakes or hugs
  • We’re frequently washing our hands with soap for at least 20 seconds
  • We’re disinfecting our hands with alcohol-based sanitiser when no access to water and soap
  • If we feel symptoms of a cold/flu, we’ll stay home
  • We’re refraining from touching our face
  • If we need to cough or sneeze, we’re doing so away from people or into our shoulder/arm, or into a tissue/napkin which we garbage bin
  • We’re refraining from going to public events/social gatherings if not necessary
  • If we recently came in contact with people who were confirmed to have contracted Covid-19, we’ll self-quarantine and follow procedures observed by Vietnamese government & Health Department.


As public space, we’ve taken the following extra measures: 

  • We’re increasing the frequency we clean common areas
  • We’re disinfecting tables, door knobs and handrails daily
  • We’ve provided 70% alcohol cleaning solution for our hands
  • We’ve provided individual hand towels
  • We have a thermometer in case anyone feels ill and needs to check
  • We may collect identity and contact information from all visitors entering our space and attending our events
  • We may decline access to travelers that have entered Vietnam within less than 14 days




Thank you for your consideration and cooperation,

The Spiced Team